„ You can’t push a stalled car from the inside.“

Let me provide the external „push“ that combines unbiased, professional input with reflection and new perspectives for meeting your goals.

Based on my career as external consultant beginning in 1996, I am very experienced in supporting international companies in their strategic change processes from initiation to sustainable implementation throughout the organizational hierarchy.

I can help you get the car started and rolling again!

What kind of know-how, culture and changes are needed to thrive within the entire organization, from top management to shop floor?

Finding answers to these questions together with my clients is an essential part of my consultancy work.

The following is a selection of topics I work on with clients – either individually or in a team with partners:

  • Implementation of Lean Six Sigma
  • Managing Cultural Change
  • Development of Strategic Leadership

What I enjoy in working as a consultant:

- Motivating people to fully participate in a change initiative
- Being there when the „car“ finds new momentum
- Supporting managers and their colleagues to bring in their full potential, especially in critical and challenging situations

Please contact me if you feel I might be the right consultant for you!

„… major contribution …“
„Detlev and his team made a major contribution in successfully getting us prepared and armed for the upcoming challenges. The cooperation will continue.“

Dr. Gerd Kirch
Head of Development Region EAME
Syngenta Crop Protection
Fundamental questions …
... in strategic change processes: What is the intention – the „burning platform“ - of the change initiative? What has been done so far that we can build on? How and when can we bring those involved to become constructive and motivated supporters of change? What is the right „dosis“ for the system? In other words, when should we accelerate and when should we slow down to allow all concerned to effectively absorb and digest the changes?