Are you looking for answers to your personal and professional questions? Are you seeking to manage challenges more effectively and efficiently?

As a coach, I find it highly stimulating to work with clients on those or similar questions – enabling them to find their own answers for greater effectiveness and personal satisfaction.

Are you looking for the external „push“ that combines unbiased, professional input with reflection and new perspectives for meeting your goals?

Clients who are looking for an external resource, a consultant with a solid background in business consulting combined with in-depth knowledge of interpersonal processes find my work highly supportive.

Would you like to learn or improve your skills and capabilities in the field of change? Do you enjoy being in a training class with others where learning by doing has top priority and theory is presented in a hands-on way?

This describes the framework in which I feel most at home as a trainer – for the benefit of the trainees: effectively applying what they have learned in real life – right after the training class – for their own and the company’s benefit.