Each conscious change initiative:

- is based on the insight that something needs to be done!
- has the goal to either make things better or to preserve a satisfying status quo.

You are looking to do something for yourself – supported by a professional coach.

For me, supporting people in a professional or individual change initiative as a coach means:
- Helping them to gain access to and develop their own potentials – and apply them to reach their goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.
- Serving as a catalyst to help them find the right answers for their specific questions – taking into consideration their own personal uniqueness as well as the nature the organization in which they work

My coaching concept utilizes a systemic approach. I use tools and methods from a wide range of different schools in a non-dogmatic and pragmatic way. This heIps me to focus on what is needed in a specific moment, while not loosing sight of the client’s background and future goals.

Why do I enjoy coaching?

- It is personally satisfying to witness and contribute to an individual process of growth as a human being, seeing how they evolve by discovering their own resources and sense of responsibility for their own destinies.

A selection of typical coaching topics:

  • Preparation for a challenging new situation such as a promotion
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Team development / team coaching
  • Burnout prevention (for you and/or your team)

Please contact me if you feel I might be the right coach for you!

„… very helpful …“
„Detlev Ponnwitz coached me on challenging leadership topics and how to better solve conflicts. I found his support very helpful and enriching. Though the coaching process ended two years ago, I can still draw on the results of the intensive work we did together...He actually continues to support my new team today“

Dr. Günther Peters
Regulatory Affairs & Product Safety

Syngenta Agro GmbH
Fundamental questions …
... in individual change processes:
„Where am I today?“
„Where do I want to go?“
„How do I get there?“
„What resources can I use?“
„How do I best apply my potential?"